Are There Too Many Social Networks?

Are There Too Many Social Networks?

That’s a good question TechCrunch raises in an article a couple of days ago. “There’s a social network for everything these days, but do we really need so many options?”, asks Selena Larson.

Well, you have to answer it yourself based on your experience. But it’s a fact that there’s popping up social networks everywhere – every day.

Let me just give you the conclusion from the article:

“At the heart of it, social networks are built for connecting people, and human nature drives us to continue looking for the best possible way to do that. But if there’s one thing driving consolidation and the desire to pare down our platforms, it’s time. Give me a reason to give you my time, and you’ve built something worth using. Otherwise, you’ve joined one of the many apps that quietly pass into the Internet’s ether as empty networks—barren deserts filled with updates no one ever sees.”

Is that the answer? It’s up to you to decide. Here is the rest of the article. The picture is copied from it.

(Image: ReadWrite)

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