How To Remove Yourself From The Internet

How To Remove Yourself From The Internet

Have you ever thought of removing yourself from the Internet? Maybe not, but more and more people feel the noise from an increasing number of streams and services, and the pressure of sharing and liking never stops.

Mashable wrote an article about this some time ago with the striking subheading: “You can kill your digital social life—but it may not be worth it.” And here is the ingress:

“So much of our lives revolves around the Internet. We rarely go a day without checking an online account, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or email. Some of us even keep those tabs open all day. But with openness comes drawbacks. … As Internet users grow increasingly concerned with their privacy on Web, many people have begun questioning the amount of data they should share online—some have even deleted their accounts as a response to perceived invasions of privacy.”

If you’re serious about deleting your online profiles, you might experience that it’s more difficult than you’d think. The article gives you four tips if you’re planning on going down that road:

  1. Say goodbye to social
  2. Cut the rest
  3. Deal with losing the convenience
  4. Accept unintended consequences

You can read the rest of the article here.

(Image: Mashable)

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