The 7 Secrets Of Silicon Valley’s Innovation Culture

The 7 Secrets Of Silicon Valley’s Innovation Culture

Fast Company had an interesting article the other day about the seven secrets of Silicon Valley’s innovation culture. The question is: Can this innovation culture be created anywhere in the world?

To answer this question one has to understand the innovation culture of Silicon Valley. As simple or difficult as that. A quote from the article:

“Here are the seven secrets that underlie Silicon Valley culture. Individually, they might not be considered confidential per se. But each reinforces the others to shape a robust culture that fuels the region’s innovation engine. And each can be translated into a specific business strategy that anyone can use to foster innovation.”

Here are the seven secrets:

  1. Start small while relentlessly seeking scale
  2. Take a bath in the talent pool
  3. Innovate with customers, not for customers
  4. Make business as usual, unusual
  5. Create the context for cross-fertilization
  6. Take the risk out of risk-taking
  7. Be the disruption

To read the detail of these secrets, you’ll find the article here.

(Image: Fast Company)

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