15 Tech Trends That Will Define 2014

15 Tech Trends That Will Define 2014

There were a lot of things happening in 2013 regarding technology. What do you think will be the trends in 2014? Fast Company has defined 15 tech trends for this year, and I’ve picked one as shown above in the image: Anonymity will go mainstream. This is my pick since I work in cyber security with the product Ensafer to encrypt Dropbox and other services.

This is what Fast Company says about this trend:

“The age of indiscriminate sharing on social networks is rapidly changing. In 2013 we learned of NSA leaks, privacy debacles, and massive inquiries into our digital lives. Simultaneously, a social platform based on transmitting communications with minimal digital tracks was valued at $4 billion. This isn’t a coincidence; scrutiny is playing an important role in how we sculpt our digital personas. In 2014 we’ll see an influx of platforms catering to a digital experience grounded in anonymity. The rise of “The Snapchats” is going mainstream.”

What are the other 14 tech trends of 2014? You can read it here, and let me just give you some hints: Self-driving cars, mind control and disconnecting in the modern digital world.

(Image: Fast Company)

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