7 Reasons Why the Feds Shouldn’t Mess with Encryption

7 Reasons Why the Feds Shouldn’t Mess with Encryption

My company Invenia in Norway has been working with encryption for the last ten years. We’ve developed a technology for end-to-end encryption called Ensafer. So I’m more than average interested in encryption. I’m aware of the fact that this is something very special – and probably quite boring – to most people. But most people are also more and more dependent on encryption to protect their information stored and shared on the Internet – even though they don’t know it.

That’s why an article at CSO Online caught my interest some time ago. It gave seven reasons why the feds shouldn’t mess with encryption. It’s a slide show showing each reason with an image and some text. You should read it; it’s short, easy to understand – and important. Just let me reveal the seven reasons below, and then you can read the full story here.

  1. Encryption protects against criminals
  2. If encryption is outlawed, only outlaws will have encryption
  3. Back doors can be exploited
  4. Backdoors put too much data in government hands
  5. Vendors and developers need to put users first
  6. Governments already have subpoena powers
  7. Encryption allows the growth of cloud platforms

Image: Reuters (Jim Bourg)

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