The 10 Most Popular Mobile Messaging Apps In The World

The 10 Most Popular Mobile Messaging Apps In The World

I came over an article at ReadWrite the other day with a cool infographic showing the ten most popular mobile messaging apps in the world right now. It doesn’t have to last long in this dynamic marketspace, but it’s a snapshot at present.

Since I wrote the micropost “Crazy Stuff: Facebook Buying WhatsApp For $19 Billion” some weeks ago, I thought this could be a good follow-up showing other apps as well. The infographic shows these ten apps as seen above, and you can read the details about each apps here.

BTW: Are you wondering if messaging apps are something for businesses? Well, here’s an article from VentureBeat called “WhatsApp for business? How international organizations are getting in on mobile messaging” that should answer you pretty well.

The big question is though security, and I’ll be back shortly with a another micropost on that issue.

(Image: ReadWrite)

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