Your Facebook Message May Not Be So Private

Your Facebook Message May Not Be So Private

Maybe you’re surprised by this headline, right? Well, you shouldn’t be in the new era nowadays where privacy has no value for global services hunting for growth – and for countries and hackers that want your data.

This headline comes from a ReadWrite article the other day telling that Facebook has been hit with a lawsuit alleging that they scans messages containing links to determine users’ activity and target them with tailored advertisements. Once again, don’t be surprised.

Let me finish this post by a quotation from the article:

“Contrary to its representations, “private” Facebook messages are systematically intercepted by the Company in an effort to learn the contents of the users’ communications. In the course of the last year, independent security researchers discovered that Facebook reviews the contents of its users’ private Facebook messages for purposes unrelated to the facilitation of message transmission.”

You can read the rest of the article here.

(Image: ReadWrite)

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